Chapter 1 ... Troubled Times
A short summary of the cultural problems faced by the modern world.
Chapter 2 ... The Origins of Humankind
An easy-to-read step-by-step explanation of natural evolution.
Chapter 3 ... Advancing Technology
Contemplates the existence of the universe, and questions whether it is possible for consciousness to have any kind of cosmic purpose.
Chapter 4 ... The History of Ancient Israel
Skeptical history of ancient Israel from the Iron Age to the war against Rome.
Chapter 5 ... Ancient Greek Philosophy
Greek and Roman philosophies leading up to the rise of Christianity.
Chapter 6 ... The History of Christianity
Christianity's rise to power followed by Europe's descent into a dark age.
Chapter 7 ... The Rise of Modern Science
The problems faced by scientifically-minded people as the western world struggled to emerge from the Christian dark ages.
Chapter 8 ... Hinduism and Buddhism
A short history of eastern religion and the development of Hindu and Buddhist scriptures.
Chapter 9 ... The History of Islam
Tells Muhammed's life story and explains what he believed. Details of the spread of Islam through conquest.
Chapter 10 ... Analysis of Ancient Beliefs
Outlines the historical patterns behind the formation of the traditional religions.
Chapter 11 ... The Rise of Modern Democracy
Covers the modern history of democracy from the American revolution to the current world crisis. Shows world politics to be little more than a greed-driven struggle for wealth and power.
Chapter 12 ... Sexual Morality
Condemns the traditional religions for their positions on women's rights and birth control.
Chapter 13 ... Modern Materialism
Looks at the modern political power struggle and the emergence of secular beliefs like existentialism and humanism.
Chapter 14 ... Deepening Consciousness
Establishes a theoretical foundation for justice based upon the democratic decisions of free and educated people.
Chapter 15 ... Politics and Religion
Explores the relationship between politics and religion leading up to the rise of the religious right in America and the emergence of political Islam.
Chapter 16 ... Replacing Religion with Science
Looks at the failures of Christianity and considers replacing traditional religion with the scientific worldview.
Chapter 17 ... Evolutionary Metaphysics
Contemplates the purpose of consciousness and discusses extending the theory of evolution to include the struggle for political power and the development of advanced technology.
Chapter 18 ... Peace and Prosperity
Speculates about the social and political reforms needed to bring about lasting global peace and prosperity.
Chapter 19 ... Wisdom